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Hello. How are you?

Do you have a moment to chat?

I’d like to share my thoughts on a bit of this and that.

I see you have much. I am quite impressed!

A nice house, a new car, and you’re pretty well dressed.

But…I can’t help but notice your heart’s not content.

You know… it’s as if you are dissatisfied- I meant.

I don’t mean to pry, nor overstep my boundary.

Please know that this chat is between you and me.

What you’re sensing, my friend, is quite common to man.

It’s the knowing in your knower there is more to His plan.

To Jeremiah he said: “For I know the plans I have for you…”

In your heart you know He has plans for you too.

He goes on to declare, He will give us a future and hope.

What He promises to us, is well beyond our scope.

We often assume to have much means much,

So we work long and hard for riches and such.

But more importantly, my friend, is to know your goal.

Is it to gain loads of riches, yet not one soul?

The truth is, the reason I feel so at ease with you,

is because I am you- we are one, us two.

It is time to drop the fears, cast the doubts aside.

You are a child of God! That should bring you great pride.

Don’t change you message or decide not to speak,

for fear you’ll be seen as intolerable or weak.

We have access to the Heavenly Father above!

He welcomes us with opened arms and a heart filled with love.

“The Lord is the stronghold of my Life- Of Whom shall I be afraid?”

For with the utterance of His words, the universe was made.

And with the stroke of His hand, He made you and me!

And when we mention His name, the demons will flee.

So go forth and speak the truth, with boldness, my friend.

Not because of what you own, but the Christ within.

Seek His Kingdom, Share His Grace, Speak His truth my friend.

Not because of what you own, but the Christ within.

Rose Elie