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The sun is shining as the wind blows the sweet smell of the mango tree’s fresh flowers in my direction. My orchids look amazing, and there is a warm breeze that is felt in the air.

Ah… I absolutely love this moment. I open my eyes to take in the vibrant colors around me.

From the moment my children were born, spring was the season where I let them bask in the sensory experience. I remember taking their tiny fingers and brushing it against the soft petals of the flowers. I would gaze into their little faces as I encouraged them to take in the scents. As an occupational Therapist, I know the importance of learning through sensorial experiences. Being able to interact with and benefit from nature is such a blessing!

As years went by, they progressed to being able to express their own appreciation for what spring has to offer. This is truly our favorite time of the year. There is so much to enjoy…

I am truly excited to have this opportunity to share with you my favorite Spring Time Activities. So without further ado:

Kite Flying. I love this activity. It starts with picking out your favorite Kite- one that speaks to you. For my family that usually includes characters from the Superhero or Princess category. When the wind is blowing, find a nice spot in the backyard or at your local park. Just watch out for those trees. If you are not used to kite flying, there are so many sites with details about technique. Google “Kite flying” for tips.

kite flying (1)

Picnics. This a great family activity. One that does not require much preparation (One of the reasons its a family staple) Picnics can be as simple or as fancy as your family like. Some days we like to grab a blanket pack a few sandwiches and go to our favorite park. Other times it means grilling, precooked meals, picnic tables, linen, and a beautiful center piece. It really depends on your preference. You can invite extended family or friends. It’s all about enjoying time with the people you care about!

Planting. So I happen to enjoy trees. Fruit trees are my favorite, because they are fruitful (tee-hee). But it will be awhile before you can reap the fruits of your labor (Ha! I crack myself up.) When involving children, however, its nice to include plants with quick results and beauty like flowers or a bean plant. I find this to be a great way to teach them about responsibility and nature!


Treasure hunting. Children have a blast with this. I love out door treasure hunts, because- it’s outdoors! But for those days when you prefer or must (in the case of rainy days) stay indoors- this works. Whether you are hiding eggs and carrots, or random treasures, get creative. Depending on the age (or developmental level) of the people involved, you can choose to add riddles and clues. I found this site, with a step by step guide, titled: How to Make a Treasure Hunt for Kids: Your Ultimate Guide.

treasure hunting

Water Play– Now for us living in a mostly warm state, spring offers a much needed relief from the cold and brutal winter months (which is pretty much any temperature below 70 degrees). So we relish in the opportunity to return to beach everyday whether.

waterplay cabana

Road trip/Family Vacation. This can mean a short trip to a neighboring town or a trip involving a plane ride. This takes advance planning, but worth the effort. I love family vacations because it offers much needed bonding time.

Bike riding Yay! Grab your safety gear and get going! Stay in the neighborhood or go to the park. This is a given!No planning needed. This is my children’s favorite!

Fruit picking. Find a farm that allows you to pick you own fruit. This is something I am planning for this year- but have found myself a little busier than normal. I cannot wait! In the South, beginning of Aril 2016 is great for strawberry picking. Strawberries have a brief season, so get to picking!

Swinging at the park. This such a relaxing activity to me. As long as you can tolerate the motion, this can just give you a breather. I love the moment the kids learn to swing themselves and I am given the opportunity to just enjoy it along with them. My daughter loved the swing so much that she would hold me captive for hours, as a toddler, pushing her on the swing. I finally smartened up and put a seat at just the right spot. Ahhh- I could sit and push.

Family Sporting. Ok so…  how friendly this remains depends on those involved. We happen to enjoy and friendly game of soccer. So off to the park or the back yard to enjoy. We learn to work around the various levels of abilities. It usually ends up with all three of us trying to get the ball away from Daddy. My younger child is also learning how to allow others to have the ball. He still cries when someone takes “his” ball. Tee-hee- He is too cute!

It’s nice to see their progression over the years. Your family sport could be football, basketball, volleyball, or a simple catch and throw. Whatever your preference, get outdoors and enjoy!

What are your favorite activities for the Spring? I’d love to hear about them.

For those of you who hail from the North Pole, feel free to chime in with your favorite warmer weather activities.