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You have sought God and You know in your knower, this is it! Now all that is left to do is toIf you are anything like me, before you make a decision you analyze the possibilities to no end! People like us first consider the pro’s and con’s; we dissect the risks. Then we focus on the risks. In order for us to act, we must be sure the risks are minimal.

There isn’t anything wrong with making informed decisions. The trouble lies in the fact that many times we become too fearful to act. We allow the process of analyzing risks to paralyze us.

As the first quarter of the year 2016 come to an end, I must say I am excited! This year has been an amazing year thus far. I am learning so much about how to “make like NIKE”  and-


I was (and still am a bit) like the person described above. The one with so many ideas and little action to show for it. However, this year something is different. I want the year 2016 to be one of action; one where I ask for God’s guidance and follow as He leads.

Some of the tips and strategies I’ve learned and am finding be effective in decision making are:

  • Seek God! If you are unsure of what decision to make, pray for wisdom. Wisdom is something should pray for (James 1:5). Remember King Solomon? He was able to ask for anything, he saw the many decisions he would need to make as a King, so he asked for wisdom (1King 3:7-9). How Wise!
  • Be Still! Because we feel an opportunity is a sure bet, does not mean it is! There have been times when I thought I found the next best thing, only to realize it was a disaster waiting to happen. I am reminded of a time when I sought the guidance of God. As I waited for clarity, an opportunity presented itself. The opportunity seemed so lucrative that I thought it was a sure bet. In all honesty, I did not feel peace about the decision. I knew better then going against the unrest I felt, but did so regardless. Lesson Learned.
  • Research! This may be done while we are waiting. This allows us to determine the pro’s and con’s of the decision.
  • Just Do it! I must first say that this step must come after you have peace about your decision. You have sought God and You know in your knower, this is it! Now all that is left to do is to act. You may scrape your knees. There may be sacrifices to be made. It may take some elbow grease…
I am reminded of a story of the man who was earnestly seeking and praying for God to bless him with an opportunity to do something that could benefit his financial situation.
He eventually came across a opportunity to do just that. This was a match made in heaven. It allowed him to use his talent to earn some income. He toyed with the idea, loved it and then left it at that. Just another idea left at the graveyard of lost dreams. Does that sound familiar? I have been that person on countless occasions. At times, God blesses us with an idea But it is up to us to act.

What do you think? Have you allowed fear of risks to stop you? Have you failed to act on something you felt you were meant to. Is there a particular verse you find helpful? I’d love to hear about it.

Feel free to share your tips for making decisions with our community.