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My Heart is a feeling heavy,

and I’m becoming filled with woe.

It’s a certain kind of heavy,

One I never thought I’d know.

Oh my mind is growing troubled.

What action should I take?

Should I rant and rave and shake my fist,

while my heart bleeds forth and ache?

Instead I’ll hand it over to You,

and pray You take the lead.

For what I have grown to know-

is your ways are higher indeed!

Your ways

When I wrote this, I had an experience that left me feeling upset and overwhelmed, simultaneously. You know the feeling. I wasn’t quite sure what I should do. I wanted to shake my head and right the wrong!

I wrestled with my thoughts and then began to speak to God. I wanted to know why he had allowed this situation to occur. I ached for what I felt I deserved. As I spoke with God about it, I heard Him whisper in that still small voice: “My ways are higher than your ways.”

You know, it was a tough situation, but I am able to look back and see the lessons I have learned through this experience. I am also able to notice how minor it truly was, in the grand scheme of things. Yet what I have learned can save me from greater pain.

In this life, we will not always understand why our life takes the turn it does. It is important to remember Isaiah 55:9 (New Living Translation).

Seeking You

In no way am I suggesting we sit back and just hope for the best. We have all heard the statements: ‘It was meant to be” or “What can I do, It wasn’t meant for me”, used to explain a lack of drive and or chronic inactivity. Rather I am promoting a need to trust in who God is. To develop a relationship with Him that allows you to communicate with Him. I have learned through my experience that it really does pay to seek His guidance.

There is much that we cannot control. Despite our effort, there are occurrences that we never saw coming. I have been that girl who would immediately try take actions into my own hands and made sure that people know that I am…

I have learned that at times it is beneficial to Be Still! Then speak to God about it.

I Love Lauren Daigle, I am posting this song here, because it speaks to what God is teaching me at this moment.

I hope that it blesses you as well.