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i_love_blogging1I love blogging! Why? Because I get to interact and learn from people all over the world! What have I determined from our interactions? People, for the most part, want to help. We are generally kind hearted!

Not too long ago, I asked a question of all who visit this community: How do you do it?

You see, I wanted to know what others do to  meet the demands of life! I received great suggestions. Feel free to read through the comments to see what you might benefit from. For I have put a few of the suggestions into practice and am currently working on others.

One recommendation I recently put into action, is taking time for myself. You know- the infamous “Me Time”. I took it! Actually it was an “Our Time”. We took the day off without them (the kids). It was amazing. To be honest, we haven’t had a day of uninterrupted adult time in so long. So we took advantage and spent time together. We had lunch without having to pull my two year old into a seated position for the 50th time. 20160302_123558_resized (3)

No one complained. No bathroom breaks at the most inopportune time. It was NICE! Just gazing into each other’s eyes and exchanging…

Um (clearing throat)… sorry I veered off topic here. My point? My point is: I asked, you answered, I listened, and now I’m back again for more.

Having a glimpse of who I can be apart from my role as a mother (although I love that role and will continue to put it as a top priority), ignited in me a need for more. I fixed my hair nicely and put on something pretty and felt beautiful!

I liked it.

Again I digress- Oy!

Well let me get to the point…

I am looking for insight, ideas, Beauty Tips.

Where are the women…

With babies on their side and hair so perfectly dyed;

with children to put to bed, yet lips so painted red;

How is it possible to be mothering women,

dressed in fine linen?

Hey are you one with no children to care,

yet beauty secrets to bare.

My ears are open, my pen is in hand.

What are your favorite, simple, reproduce-able beauty tips?

Please share.