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I was chatting with SuperMommyofTwins on my Speak Life Post.  She left a comment stating:

You nailed it! I’ve been pursuing this subject (controlling your tongue and speaking positive things, not negative) with my 7-year-old daughter and 6-year old niece. Just last week, we made cardboard, foil covered “swords” with the words “Be wise” on one side and “think before you speak” on the other side.

What a wonderful message. (I also love the song – great reminder)

I shared with her that I was currently working with my 5 year old daughter in that area as well, in my reply:

It is interesting that you mentioned that. We are currently working with our 5 yr old daughter on that. I remember thinking (yesterday or the day before): “You wrote a post about speaking life, that should be your angle with your daughter.” And lo and behold, I was riding in the car with her and the song came on. I stopped immediately to explain the words- as best I could.
I read your Mom Resume (maybe a few days ago). In it you pointed out how you focus on relationship with God and asking you children: “What would Jesus do?” It stirred in me the need to focus on their relationship. I love your foiled covered “swords”. It gave me an idea. My daughter loves making bracelets, we can make “Be Kind” and “Speak life” bracelets. Thank you so much!!!! and for both of them (son and daughter) the sword. I must research how to make swords though. God Bless you and your family 🙂

You see, earlier that week, I felt God telling me that, in “Speak Life” I was reinforcing the importance of positive speech and failed to impress upon my daughter the very same message. Ouch!

SuperMommy’s comment was confirmation that we needed to be purposeful in this area. So Saturday- we made bracelets!

20160221_141515 (2).jpg     20160221_131842 (2).jpg

We had so much fun! They loved it. It was much more than an opprtunity to make bracelets. It was an opportunity to speak of a very important topic.

While we strung beads, I explained the meaning of each statement. We talked about different scenarios in which we speak life and show kindness. We also discussed what can happen when we choose the opposite of using kind words- the results of not utilizing words that Speak Life.

Everyone was involved!

My two year old felt free to make messes with the beads we organized.

20160221_132307 (2).jpg

I was sure to handle the cutting and burning. Daddy handled tying the adjustable knots. It was truly a family affair!

I reinforced that the purpose of the bracelets was too remind her that we should try to speak life to the people we interact with.

I appreciated SuperMommyofTwins leaving me such a practical method for teaching a valuable lesson.

While this is quite effective, I realize that learning to “Speak Life” does not occur in one day. This is only the beginning. Speaking life is a way of life that must be reinforced often. Just as we forget, they forget. It also takes us modeling that in our interactions with others and in the way we treat them.

As with most children, they watch what you do, more than they listen to what you say.

Let me know what you think? I would love to hear the various strategies you use to teach your children practical life lessons. Feel free to share in the comment box below.