It’s great to be reminded of how it’s important to enjoy the moment. I tend to wish it was easier. I am guilty of this. This Post is a nice reminder. Thank you 3to1.


It sure would have been nice had I realized how easy the baby phase was. It seemed so hard at the time! (really. i’m not whining.)

We can’t do the same things with our pre-teens and tweens as with our babies and toddlers. While we can just pick up those little ones and cart them away if their behaviour is truly heinous, dragging a 13 year old away from the arcade would be unheard of. Or we can take their little toddler hand in ours and just say “Hands are not for hitting” and then we continue on. Lesson reinforced. “Mouths are not for swearing” just doesn’t seem to reinforce the lesson as well in an 11 year old.

One similarity between the age groups is that we want their struggles to be, well, not-a-struggle. From the time they are little, we want to mitigate the tough spots, make it less…

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