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I have a day off without children! Now this is rare. Mmmm…

What should I do?


I know what I’ll do… I’ll wake up, drop off my children to school. Then I’ll rush home, wash and treat my hair- I’ll even flat iron and wrap it. Maybe I can go and get a muuuch needed pedicure/manicure. If I have time… Ill shop for a new dress and shoes. I goootta buy me a new pair of shoes. You know- the kind that’s illegal in 23 of the 50 states.

Free-shipping-Sandals-Womens-Shoes-Size-Dress-Shoes-Rivet-Black-Genuine-Leather-Shoes-Wholesale-Wedding-Shoes (2)

Not sure about the state I live in- but I’m willing to take the chance.

Tehehe. its going to be such a great day! I can even go pick up the kids earlier than normal. I’ll get them ready and surprise everyone with a family date. Boy will I look so…  I better stop dreaming and get my chores done for the next day.

 The Big Day

Big    S  T  R  E  T  C  H


I don’t want to get up, But I must quickly get baby girl ready and then on to baby boy. Oh baby boy’s eyes are red. Maybe he’s tired. I’ll let him rest while I take Big girl to school; then I can bring him home to eat and get ready. That’ll give him time to wake up.

One down, one to go!

“Good bye babe. Have a great day”

“Honey, say good bye to your sister.”

“That’s my school!”

“That’s sister’s school. You have your own school. We will go see your teacher later ok?”

“I don’t want to go to school. I want my sister”

“I know, you’ll see her later”

Ok so I’m just a little behind schedule. I’ll just rush home to get him ready. Plans will continue as normal. Why doesn’t he look so good? I’m feeling a little guilty. He looks tired and not so well. But I reeeeeaaaaally want- no need- a beauty day!

Now that we’re home, let me get him ready.

“Okay, my love, eat your toast.  You’re not hungry? Just have a few more bites. Stay awake, baby. Drink some milk.”

Mmmm he doesn’t seem like himself- oh boy. That’s ok. Ill keep him home. Maybe I’ll skip the mani/pedi. And those illegal heals, *sigh*, may just have to wait. While he naps, I’ll wash my hair and still follow that plan. Let me just have him lie down. I’ll lie down with him for a moment.

Aww… he is too cute. Look at his cute little cheeks. I love those lashes. And your soft little hands. Just the two of us for now. I like it…

He’s tired. Look at his eyes blinking quickly. He’s fighting the sleep so hard.


I’ll just doze off a little myself; but not for too long, I’ve got plans…

“Huuuh? What did you say?” My eyes can barely open. Maybe I can ignore him.

“Uh oh, I did it again, Mommy”.

What did he do? I really don’t want to turn my head. I just started to really nap.

Oh no! He threw up- all over my bed! Awwww man. I just want to rest. “That’s ok baby. I’ll wipe you.” At least it’ll make me get up, which is perfect! Because I have plans.

Oh… he doesn’t want to eat. He only wants to drink and nap. What time is it? It’s ok. I’ll put him to bed, do laundry, and then I can execute my beautification plan.

change plans

I’ll do a little of this. Oh I must do a little bit of that.
What! It’s time to pick up my daughter!?! But I’m still…
My hair!
He’s up.
It’s ok. I’ll feed him. At least he’s hungry. Ok a few minutes to freshen up and wash my hair. A little air-dry never killed anyone. Well, there was this one time- I digress.

Ooooh what’s that smell? Yay…  you digested! guess your tummy is better. I’m happy.

Let me wear these jeans and this top. Not bad. Ooh my hair is definitely frizzing up. That’s ok. I’ll just- I’ll just… pick up baby girl and take it from there.


What are your stories of your plans being derailed. Share below in the comment box. I’d love to hear it!  🙂