Even the devil has friends and supporters

I love this. It is true on many levels. Being good and wise and God fearing does not guarantee success. They are good foundations of which to build from, but there is definitely work to be done. Thank you successinspirer for letting me share.

Success Inspirers' World

If you think it’s only God who has friends,
You are mistaken;
Very mightily mistaken;
Even the devil has friends and supporters;
And many of them as such;
If you also think only good people have friends,
You are mistaken;
Very mistaken;
Wicked people have friends and supporters;
And many of them as such.
You mustn’t think only good people succeed,
That would be a mistake;
A very big mistake;
Evil people succeed as well;
And succeed very well.
And if you think that only clever people succeed,
You are mistaken;
Very mistaken;
Some dull people succeed;
And succeed very well.
Ours is a complex and complicated world;
The answers don’t always come in straight lines;
Very often they come in crooked lines;
What works today may not work tomorrow;
If you have a dream, go for it;
All will definitely not be for you;
But some will surely be…

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Such a wonderful example of gratitude. Thank you for sharing this with us Brain different.

Brain Different

Thanks Rose for the reminder!

Today I am grateful. I have been very fortunate in my lifetime. I have experienced many wonderful things. The love of family, friends and companions. The love of a child.
The love of many kitties.

I am grateful for the ability to see the world through my senses.

To feel warmth, like that of the sun shining on me as I lie on the beach. Warmth of a fireplace roaring in the winter time. Warmth from a campfire crackling in the open air.

To feel coolness, like that of a lake on a hot day. The crisp fall night air, with the windows open and the blankets pulled up tight. The frosty nip at your nose as you play in the snow.

To hear birds singing, ocean water roaring, crickets chirping, lakes trickling, kitties purring, the sweet sound of my son when he was just a…

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Pray and Persevere!


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Motivation Mondays at Seeking You

That’s Easy! Phil 4:6 tells us that all we have to do is relax, talk to God and let Him guide us.

Well… maybe it’s not that easy. Especially when it contradicts what we have been taught most of our lives. Act- and do so quickly! If there is a problem- solve it! We can do anything. If we believe it- we can achieve it! Yet this verse is telling us to take it to God and let Him guide us! Aren’t we the leader of our lives? Continue reading


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